AIPI Summer Program Winners

Each team used the knowledge they gained about artificial intelligence in the AIPI program to develop a solution for a problem in their community. With the goal of getting their startups “funded”, they presented their creations to experts, community members, and parents.

National Winners

Along with their presentations, students also created a poster, model card, and commercial for their ideas. Model cards are an industry standard in the field of AI. Their purpose is to provide key information and increase transparency by communicating information to broad audiences. Find their outstanding work below!

The Fantastic Four

Varun, Nikhil, Malachi, and Veeru created an AI with the goal of making America healthier by improving everyone’s diet to fit their fitness plans.


Sravya, Karthik, Sai Sri, and Krishna created an AI which will provide information on food including recipes, expiration dates, and potential health risks.


Eliza, Shara, and Harper created an AI which will prevent school shootings.



Nicolas and Violet created an AI which will prevent unnecessarily long red lights and improve the safety of traffic conditions for drivers and pedestrians.

Helpful Robot Inc.

Aubrey, Joseph, and Madisyn created an AI which will act as a helpful companion for individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities.


Jordan, Nasir, Julius, and Jeremiah created an AI which identifies and preserves indigenous trees.