JetBot Maintenance

For the 2021 summer Activation Camp, we used NVIDIA Jetsons and JetBots for the first time. Before the 2022 camp, we will need to complete a maintenance routine on the robots. For now, this maintenance routine consists of two basic parts:

  • Checking physical connections (mostly screws) throughout the robot
  • Confirming that the robot is charged up, can boot and secure a network connection

Part 1: Physical Connections

Part 2: Power and Boot

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  1. Get your JetBot
  2. On the robot’s port side (“port” meaning both as on a boat, but also the side with all the ports) plug in an HDMI cable to a computer monitor or TV
  3. Plug in a keyboard to one of the USB ports
  4. Turn on the robot (note the little black switch on the lower right of the port side)
  5. You should see an NVidia splash screen, and after a few moments, you will see a black screen prompting you to log in
    1. It will say something like “nano-4gb-jp54 login:”
    2. Ignore any text like “[  18.418854] Bridge firewalling registered” (or just hit enter a few times)
  6. type in the username: jetbot
  7. type in the password: jetbot
    1. Note that the cursor will not move while you’re typing the password. This is to protect our sweet, sweet password.
  8. type the following command and hit enter
    1. sudo nmcli device wifi connect YOUR_NETWORK_NAME password YOUR_NETWORK_PASSWORD
  9. It will ask you for your password again. Type “jetbot” again.
  10. You should see a message like:
    1. Device ‘wlan0’ successfully activated with ‘xxx-xxx-x-xxx-xx’.

Maintenance Day at Carnegie Clubhouse

On May 4, 2022 we will be coordinating a maintenance day for our existing JetBot Inventory. Please update and make notes on the sheet (preview below):