You too can bring Artificial Intelligence Pathways Institute – Activation camp to your clubhouse or out of school time program!

This summer you can open doors for your youth by providing them with the experience of the newest technology. We will guide you through bringing Artificial Intelligence into your clubhouse and help your students feel confident with this rapidly advancing technology. 

Feedback we have received from other clubhouses confirms that you will not only experience community support and recognition, but also the youth will be engaged and excited in this experience. 

Developed in partnership with great names like CMU and NVIDIA, this curriculum is designed by clubhouse leaders who worked alongside students inside of out of school time organizations just like yours! We continue to iterate on design to make sure we captivate students and allow youth to feel successful in the program. 

We want to work hand in hand with you to help create a turn-key solution for your clubhouse. 

Why Join AIPI?

The Artificial Intelligence Pathways Institute is:

  • targeted specifically for an out-of-school / clubhouse setting.
  • designed with input and validation from industry partners and Carnegie Mellon University.
  • free and open for clubs to join—and we even provide a stipend to assist with implementation!
  • an opportunity to join a national Boys & Girls Clubs movement to develop the next generation of leaders in artificial intelligence, computer science, and robotics.
  • fully supported by the curriculum authors, meaning that your instructors can ask questions freely as they guide students through the course.

We would be delighted to tell you more about the program if you have any questions or are interested in joining us! Please email or use the contact form on this website to learn more about the next steps.

What Comprises AIPI?

AIPI has 3 courses which your club may adopt:


Using the exposure program, youth mentors will guide students through a directed series of classes that allows them to gain exposure to Artificial Intelligence. This program is designed to be used over 10 one hour sessions. 

Within this course students will explore how Artificial Intelligence may be found in their world and how students may interact with AI in the future. 

The curriculum is a series of 10 sessions which provide a basic introduction to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, but does not get into developing or modifying examples of it.

The course is freely available to all, and is hosted on CS2N


The Activation Camp is a full time summer camp which lasts three weeks, from July 24 to August 11, 2023. Students who attend cover all of the topics which were introduced in the Exposure curriculum, but are able to go deeper into them and get hands-on with programming, robots, and real-world sample AI tools.

Students will spend the first two weeks being guided by their mentors through a standardized program, and will spend the final week designing a human centered project based on a student identified real world need. In completing their pitch students will compete against other youth from across the nation to win prizes and prestige.

The Activation camp is open to all motivated students, and does not expect completion of the Exposure curriculum as a prerequisite.


Currently offered only in Pittsburgh, the advanced curriculum allows students who have completed the Activation Camp to continue their studies by learning to code in Python. Over the summer, we learn to use, train, and modify AI models. In the Advanced curriculum, students build them for themselves. We learn to think, write, and collaborate as programmers. 

If you would like to participate in the advanced curriculum starting in the 2022-2023 school year, email us at

Must We Offer All Three Curricula?

In short, no. The Exposure course is available to run anytime, on your own. We will be updating this page soon with a link to the course materials for your use.

Activation camp runs nationally from July 24 – August 11, 2023. We are actively seeking partner sites to participate in this summer’s program.

Advanced curriculum has been run for several years in Western PA and we would welcome your club’s participation in it.

What Do We Need To Have?

To participate in the 2023 Activation camp, sites will need:

  • A suitable venue
    • Ample space for work in lecture, individual, team formats
    • Not shared with other users such as office staff
  • Instructor(s) who are:
    • Good mentors for High School students
    • Eager to provide opportunities to students
    • Good classroom managers
  • Reliable high-speed wi-fi in the classroom space
  • Video conferencing capabilities in the classroom (We used both Zoom and Google Meet in 2021.)
  • 6 hours of instruction per weekday during weeks of camp
  • A plan for marketing and recruiting teens
  • Computers with cameras for the students to use

What Do We Receive?

  • $5000 Stipend
  • Support with curriculum, materials, and logistics
  • Common registration system and
  • Access to a shared LMS with course contents, evaluation systems, etc.
  • Participation in national student pitch competition

Dates for Activation Camp

July 24 – August 11, 2023

These dates are fixed.

More Questions?

You may ask anything by filling out the contact form with your questions. If you would like to talk more in person, we are offering information sessions on the following days: