Site Onboarding

Welcome to AIPI!

Congratulations and thank you for choosing to join AIPI for our summer 2022 Activation Camp! This page will help you know what to do next.

1. Memorandum of Understanding

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania will send your organization an MOU to formalize the agreement between us and you. Please sign and return this document by email to and/or mail to:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania
317 E Carson St,
West Tower, Ste. 238
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

2. Instructor Job Posting

You will need to locate an instructor—this could be someone who is already within your organization, or a new hire. If you are searching for someone new, you may refer to the job postings we created to use within BGCWPA. [Lead | Assistant]

Please keep the following requirements in mind for your instructor(s):

  • Student : Teacher ratio will not exceed 15 : 1.
  • Teachers will hold all locally applicable child safety clearances.
  • Teachers will be dedicated solely to guiding AIPI students during the designated class times.
  • There are no prerequisites for the teacher with regards to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Teachers will attend a 2-day training session to occur between Jul 1, 2022 and July 22, 2022. (The training session will be available via Zoom.)

3. Recruit Students

Concurrently with the instructor search, you will work to recruit students to join the summer program. Students will be:

  • Each out-of-state site will have at least 6 students.
    • BGCWPA cannot guarantee a specific number of JetBots for each site at this time. It is probably ideal to have 2 students per robot, and we do not recommend recruiting more than 12 students for the course.
  • You are responsible for recruiting students.
  • Student names will be shared with through the creation and completion of a dedicated Trello board or spreadsheet.

JetBot Robots will be allocated to sites based on confirmed enrollments on July 8, 2022

4. Identify and Prepare Space

There are a number of needs for the space which you’ll select to host the students in class:

  • The space used to teach the AIPI class will be able to host an environment which is conducive to learning.
    • Students will be able to hear one another clearly—whether working individually, in small groups, or as a unified class.
    • Students will be able to engage in vigorous discussions without causing undue disruption to anyone else in the area.
  • Teams which work in the final week will be able to meet with their mentors, potentially concurrently with other teams.
  • Students will be able to connect to a reliable high-speed internet connection.


Email us for assistance and clarification at